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Linux - Resizing root or other File Systems with LVM

There is a lot of information about this out there about how to do LVM (Logical Volume Manager) things, and how to do file system expands and such - and it is sometimes confusing because one page will show one thing, but not all you need, an another page may show it differently, leavings some confusion to what is possible. So here are a couple of examples on how I would do it in a couple of different scenarios Seamlessly expand partition into free space This particular procedure only works when there is free space right after the partition you are working on - then you can do these steps: Expand the virtual volume Expand the partition in the OS Expand the logical volume Expand the file system Not going to claim that this is universally fit for all scenarios - but very common for myself - and i found it perfectly safe for a root ext4 file system - i never tested on a root XFS, but i done it "live" on a secondary mounted xfs partition. I usually use Ubuntu Server,

Cisco UCS Mini - Add Extender Chassis

If you happen to own a UCS Mini Setup, a 5108 Chassis with two Fi 6324 or similar, and you are looking for documentation on how to add another 5108 Chassis with fabric extenders (2204XP in my case), then Cisco really does not have much out there, nor is there a lot of googlable information either (Everything you find is related to standalone Fabric Interconnects and "standard" UCS). Even after calling TAC, it took a while to get something, and what they told us was not even accurate. So here is how we did it, and it worked, came up without any interruption to current chassis, network, or running profiles. Equipment Of course we used our Cisco vendor to spec the equipment, but just for reference here is the list of what we had and what we added: Original Setup 5108 Chassis  Fi 6324 (Qty 2) Ports 1-2 for Fibre Channel, and 3-4 for Ethernet (MMF) Connected to a stack of switches and pair of FC switches/SAN Running UCS version 4.0.1 (Fairly recently upgraded as of M